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We are proud to introduce our new 5-Day's or it FREE Tune-Up Service Pledge.

What is the 5-Day Service Guarantee?

At LKN Small Engine, we know how important it is for you to not be without your lawn equipment for weeks while it is in the shop being serviced. As a solution to this, we have launched the 5-Day Service Guarantee. If your lawn equipment is in the shop for a tune-up service, and the work isn’t completed in 5 business days, it’s FREE! 

This guarantee applies to equipment that is ONLY receiving a tune-up service. That means that the equipment must currently run and not require any type of repairs. If repairs are required, it may take longer than 5 business days to complete the work. This does not qualify for the 5 business day guarantee. 

The 5 business days begin on the 1st business day that the equipment arrives at our service department and concludes as soon as the first contact notifying you of completion is logged in our computer system. Pickup/Delivery services may extend the time frame between the tune-up service and the actual pickup or delivery of equipment. 

Lastly, this guarantee only applies to brands that we are a registered service center for.

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